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Kaily Packaging Group is a Singapore-based firm, which started in early 1980s in Singapore. Kaily moved into the China market in 1994 and till date has divisions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen with a total investment of more than 12 million USD in China. A strong leader in packaging solutions (providing lithographic and flexographic printing, carton and display boxes, manuals, labels, pallets, foams etc.), Kaily believes there is never one solution to a problem and continues to strive for excellence in all areas. In fact, we are the first to trademark in Singapore and China, TPS (Total Packaging Solutions), pioneering the packaging industry. Kaily is ISO 9000 certified since 1997 and will be attaining ISO14001 this year. Our customers mainly include EMS, computer and consumer-related electronics industries etc. Most importantly, transforming customers' concept into reality has always been Kaily's long term mission statement.

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